of AI Solutions & Expertise

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  • roboter med maskinsyn

  • programvare- og maskinvareutvikling


  • data analyse- og maskinlæring

  • brukeropplevelser- og design

  • eHelse


  • digital evidence capture and management

  • prosessoptimalisering og effektivisering

  • digitalisering og BI

  • bærekraftig utvikling og miljøledelse

  • predictive maintenance and process optimization

  • automated data cleaning

  • strategic data analysis
  • building automation & management

  • energy/power consumption & cost

  • power charging solutions


  • advanced motion technology

  • robotics
  • computer vision
  • condition monitoring


  • smart and connected lifting and handling equipment
  • AI-supported autonomus equipment and operations


  • kunstig intelligens og big data

  • energy, finance, marine


  • AI technology for machines in uncontrolled and harsh environments

  • robot, computer and machine vision

  • industrial automation, including motion- and vehicle control

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