Smart Inspection is a young but competent company. Established in 2015, they were with the objective to provide inspection-services related to the transport-industry, such as roads, bridges and tunnels. Today that objective is the still the core of what Smart Inspection offers. 

In 2016 they took it a step further, and began developing their own sensors and systems for scanning through the help of drones, helicoptres and vehicles.  

In 2017 and 2018 they solidified their position in the value-chain further, through developing better solutions for storage and sharing of BIM and scannerdata in the project and the operational phase of objects.

Smart Inspection is always striving to develop themselves and their surroundings. If you have any ideas or problems in the vicinity of their competence, they'd see it as their mission to help you solve it. 



Telephone: +47 38 79 58 40

Keywords: Inspection Services, BIM, Data-analytics...,