SERVI has comprehensive knowledge and expertise within Power and Motion Control, focused on in-house design and production of valves, valve blocks, cylinders, accumulators and HPUs. In combination with a range of products from the world’s leading suppliers of pumps, motors and valves, SERVI offers quality components, complete turnkey solutions, service and maintenance.

SERVI is Norway’s largest supplier and manufacturer of hydraulic equipment. In addition, SERVI supplies pneumatic systems, electromechanics, bearings, wiper systems and test equipment. They have extended their focus on green technology, as well as proactive maintenance with condition monitoring and in-house oil laboratory.

SERVI meets the needs of todays market with green technology and customer-focused sustainable solutions. This allows the customer to upgrade their hydraulic systems whilst keeping their environmental

inprint and electricity usage to a lowest possible level. 

In addition, they're at the forefront of using digital-solutions and accesability for their products and services. 



Telephone: +47 64 97 97 97

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