"Sørlandets leading specialist environment in digitalization and technology"

With close to 100 employees, Egde's mission is to bring humans and technology closer, to create lasting values for companies and society. 

Through combining customer experience with their own expertise in strategy, user-value and technology, Egde expands the horizon for how technology can succeed in reaching the ambition of companies. 

Egde's customers come from many different industries, such as: Public and municipal-sectors. Energy, oil and gass. Health, finance, ensurance and telecom. Having experience from a broad amount of different industries help Egde translate solutions from one industry to another. 

With the customer in centre, Egde help lay the groundwork for strategic desicions that re-create the core of a business towards sustainable technological solutions, as well as making continual improvements to the solution.

Homepage: https://egde.no/

Telephone: +47 37 80 00 00

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