The common denominator for all companies in the Applica group, is that they are all oriented and focused on technology. They deliver services and products in 6 different technology-areas:

  1. Robots with machine vision

    Applica are specialized in creating and using robots with machine vision. This means that Applica can ensure that the robot adapts to various tasks that are typical for the Norwegian industry.  

  2. Product testing and certifying

    Applica offers accredited testing of environmental and electromagnetic compability (EMC). The company also offers accredited air measurments and functional testing of alarmsystems. 

  3. Development of tailored software

    Applica are experts in the field of developing tailored software. They offer a complete service for systems, software and hardware development, including team and project-management. 

  4. Optimal staffing-planning in the cloud 

    They develop, operate and maintain market-leading solutions for optimal staffing and resource allocation. 

  5. Software for change of staff in hospitals and emergency rooms

    Applica develops, operate and maintain a tailored solution for optimal staff-changing and staff-planning for emergency rooms in Norway. 

  6. Delivery of secure IT-infrastructures and cloud services

    Applica delivers IT operational services. Hosting, consultation and network security services. 



Telephone: +47 38 25 87 77

Keywords: Machine Vision, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Staff Management...