3B-the fibreglass company is a leading developer and supplier of glass fibre products and technologies for the reinforcement of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers.

3B-the fibreglass company operate 3 state-of-the art manufacturing facilities located in Battice (Belgium), Birkeland (Norway) and Goa (India) as well as a dedicated R&D Centre in Battice (Belgium) and a Customer Service Centre in Brussels (Belgium, at the very heart of Europe). Their products are designed and optimized to serve the automotive industry, the wind industry and to be incorporated in performance composites.

Homepage: https://www.3b-fibreglass.com/

Contact: muriel.roosemont@3b-fibreglass.com

Telephone: +32 2 402 2015

Keywords: Fibreglass, Polymers, automative industries, wind industries...,