Kunstig Intellgens og muligheter med AI:Hub (Tre på Agder)

Date: Jan. 28

More and more, artificial intelligence is used around the world because of its versatility. This event aims to answer the question of how companies can make use of AI. 

Tre på Agder has recently entered a partnership with AI:Hub. This seminar will take a closer look at inspiring cases for Tre på Agders member-companies to see the posibilities of AI (and using AI:Hub) in their own company. 

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Innoventus Sør: AI:hub and the possibilities in AI

Date: Feb. 3

Learn more about AI:Hub in this event! Attacking questions such as: How can companies make use of AI? How can they access it? Where can a project start? This event aims to answer many such questions, and representatives from AI:Hub will inform and talk about our services!

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Date: May 3-4.

AI+ is an international conference on the topic “applied artificial intelligence”

The purpose of AI+ is to offer Norwegian as well as international environments an arena for competence sharing and interaction within the field of artificial intelligence. 

AI+ will gather problem keepers and problem solvers to drive forward the potential of AI across business, science and tech.

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Past Events

Introduction to AI

The obvious opportunities in traditional businesses and industries

Date: May 19.

This SINPRO hosted event focused on being an introduction and presentation about what AI is capable of, related to traditional businesses and industries. 

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AI-klinikken: Kickoff

Date: September 30.

Through the strong partners in the Cluster for Applied AI: AI-klinikken represents a collective of high expertise in the field of digitalization and AI. AI-klinikken is there to make this expertise available for you and your company, which will be the focus of this event! 

The expertise at AI-klinikken spans between many different industries. No question is to small or too big!

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Summer/Autumn School - Machine learning and vision

Date: October 18-22.

The goal of the Autumn School MALVIC is
to bring together pioneering international scientists in machine learning and computer vision with both academia and practitioners from the industrial fields on a unique setting for the discussion and demonstration of practical, hands-on machine learning and vision research and development.

Offshore industrial applications and industrial process scenarios are examples for the autumn school target.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Conference 2021

Date: October 27-28.

The conference will be relevant both to early adopters and organisations still waiting to get started with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The presenters come from the industry, academia and represent both end users, research and suppliers.

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Nordic AI Meet

Date: November 01-02.

The first nordic conference for young AI researchers

The main purpose of the symposium is to provide a platform for young AI researchers to exchange ideas, build collaborations and form a nordic approach for building AI solutions for the societal good.

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Date: November 11.

Digital technology allows everyone that is part of running a modern company, the opportunity to change their organization for the better. 

The conference is for those who work with system-development, coding, data or AI. The digital conference is a perfect opportunity for developers to invest and expand their knowledge in the field. 

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Hvordan bruke AI til noe slemt

Date: November 15.

"There barely exists any technology that is as surrounded by myth as AI." Dr. Morten Goodwin, whom i 2020 released "AI. Myten om maskinene", is the lecturer for this event. He'll provide participants with a deeper understanding of AI and its different facets!

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Computer-driven problemsolving

Date: November 17.

More and more companies use artificial intelligence as a tool for creating value. The possibilities are manifold and the technology is only getting easier to implement.

The newest initiative in Agder are the projects M-AI and AI:hub. Both these project have the goal of helping companies in all industries to access and use this technology.  

At this event, you'll get the opportunity to learn more about the projects. 

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NORA Conference

Date: November 17-18.

The NORA annual conference aims to gather the Norwegian research community within the field of Artificial Intelligence. The conference will create a platform where NORA partners can share research, ideas, theories, models, new perspectives, and interact with peers from the field.

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