About us

AI:hub aims at giving local industry a boost, developing competency, assisting innovation, creating jobs, and ultimately sustaining the local economy.

Around the world, AI has become more utilized, much because it is a versatile tool. But the question is, how can a business gain access to AI? More importantly, how can a business gain access to AI that suits their needs? This is one of the issues AI:hub strives to solve. 

Central to achieving this are networking activities, including national and international collaboration, attracting AI-talents, and strengthening our capacity to attract funding.

MIL AS hosts AI:hub. We started April 2021 and are sponsored by Sørlandets Kompetansefond and Aust-Agder utviklings- og kompetansefond.

Karianne Ormseth


Karianne is the project manager at MIL and AI:Hub.

Her ambition is to facilitate great innovation processes to help local enterprises to create value with AI.

Phone: (+47) 930 15 849

Morten Goodwin


Prof. Morten Goodwin has dedicated himself to informing and enlightening on the subject of AI.

Read his latest book, "AI - Myten om maskinene" or follow his podcast: "Game Over"

Phone: (+47) 952 48 679

Frank Reichert


Prof. Frank Reichert has dedicated much of his career to applying new technology.

His ambition is to assist local enterprises with relevant partners to reach their goals.  

Phone: (+47) 917 30 561

Tim Reichert


Tim has a background in the music industry, and has taken part in organizing music festivals such as Sørveiv, Måkeskrik. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions!

Phone: (+47) 416 64 982